National Theatre – “All Kinds of Limbo”

RAFFY BUSHMAN, NUBIYA BRANDON & THE NUSHAPE ORCHESTRA have created a 10 minute long Single  “ALL KINDS OF LIMBO”. Its an original piece of music and performance especially commissioned by The National Theatre. Singer Nubiya Brandon, musician Raffy Bushman and the NuShape Orchestra take you through the genres of reggae, grime, classical and calypso in a musical journey inspired by the influence of West Indian culture on the UK’s music scene.


Nubiya Brandon

Nubiya Brandon AKA Manoe Cass is a composer and lead singer based in London. Transitioning from dance to music at the age of 16 she studied at Leeds College of Music where she met students which would later form Nubiyan Twist, a multi influenced group stemming from a strong backbone of Jazz, Afrobeat and Hip-Hop. After leaving LCM she met Grippa Laybourne the brainchild of The Hempolics a predominantly reggae, rocksteady and dub based group with decades of cultural and musical influences spanning from 60’s to the 90’s. With these groups she spent most of her career playing in the UK and European Jazz and Reggae circles where she sharpened her skills.

Raffy Bushman & NuShape Orchestra

Raffy Bushman is a pianist and composer based in London. He is the musical director at Unit31, a cultural collective which champions the up and coming in the music and film world. He is the founder of the NuShape Orchestra, a project which came about after Raffy was commissioned to compose and arrange the music for a concert with seminal grime crew Ruff Sqwad. Already with an ear for combining live instrumentation with grime and trap, he decided to look into the history of this music in the UK and came to understand the significance of the West Indian influence on British culture in the 20th Century.

All Kinds of Limbo VR Performance:

Experience an immersive performance in virtual reality at The National Theatre.

Using cutting edge VR technology to craft the staging, audiences step in to the VR performance space with the musicians for an immersive musical experience.

All Kinds of Limbo VR runs in parallel to a free holographic experience.


The exhibition is open every day from 17 June until 14 September with showings from 12pm – 8.30pm.

All Kinds of Limbo has been developed with the NT’s Partner for Innovation, Accenture.


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