Denver’s Nay Babii has been a model and actress for some time now. She also has a very strong following on Instagram and Twitter and keeps it lit. She was in town and answered a few questions about how and why she decided to jump into Hip Hop.

Nay Babii tells us how she got into modeling. She also talks food and how much she likes the Austin food trucks and nightlife. She then explains her decision to jump into to Hip Hop and talks about the Denver Hip Hop scene a little.

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Part 2. Nay Babii says Nicki Minaj is her favorite Hip Hop artist.

Nay Babii tells us that Nicki Minaj is her favorite artist in Hip Hop right now. She says she likes Nicki’s versatility and that she thinks she is really dope. She also gives us some information on a new single and an upcoming debut EP.

Nay Babii is looking to expand her audience with her music as she says that most of her fans are guys (not surprised) and that she looks to add more women as loyal fans. Be sure to look out for the release of her new single in the next few weeks.


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