Los Angeles based Recording-artist, Neaks is a musician and artist ahead of his time.

Watching his mysterious lifestyle videos, captivating imagery, his street art movement and deciphering his deep lyrics shed light on his powerful viewpoints on life, music, spirit and culture. From being a leading component in the Los Angeles street art movement to demanding presence on local stages, Neaks is much more than an artist or a brand.

At an early age it was evident that Neaks was no ordinary child. His favorite books as a kid were about the theories of higher dimensions called “Hyperspace” and “The Collection of Langston Hughes Poems” which he called his bible. His father and stepmother instilled in him a disciplined belief that any obstacle can be overcome with a clear mind, body, and spirit.

Neaks went on to study Fine Arts and Mathematics at the University of Arizona. After four years in Tucson, Neaks decided that Los Angeles was the next step to fulfilling his dreams. Neaks began opening up for artists such as Chris Young, LMFAO, Tyga, Shwayze, and the Far East Movement as a solo dance act from 2008 to 2009. In 2010 Nikko formed a duo called Mindfloux with Neo-soul singer, Coleman. They would go on America’s Got Talent 2011 and move up quickly through the ranks and eventually get chosen to fly out to vegas for the third episode where they were chosen as the judges favorites the first day. They would go home on the second day with new perspectives on the possibilities their music had to offer.

Neaks is a founding member of Tastemaker Collective (www.tastemakercollective.com & www.tastemakercollectivemedia.com), a group of creative individuals uniting to express themselves through fashion, art, music, and film. “Our generation needs more leaders who aren’t afraid of speaking the truths that so many of us think about, but go unsaid every day.”

Between skating sponsorships, music videos, and shows, Neaks spent the past few years expanding his knowledge of the industry. Working with Artists like Ne-Yo, Timbaland, Michael Franti, and Colbie Caillat has helped Neaks get a foot in the industry. With his unwavering passion to be a voice of change, it’s safe to say that Neaks is poised to be one of the creative leaders of this generation.

This song is a story of a young artist who finds his inspiration and drive to overcome the impossible through his daughter.


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