Neaks’ New Single, FALLEN Gives Us an Addictive Sound that Sets Him Apart in Today’s Hip-Hop Scene

The LA-based rapper/singer/song-writer, Neaks sets the tone for the Alternative Hip-Hop scene in 2020 with a track that bleeds passion. Over a hype beat produced by Bakery Beats, Neaks and younger brother Kye Hefner, put their voices to good use on Neaks’ new single “Fallen,” a story of celebration through struggle that we can all relate to. “Do you got what it takes? Can you wear the hat bro? Sold shirts on the street, just to eat, we was mad broke.” The very first line of the first verse foreshadows the struggle and later success of Neaks’ clothing line, Tastemaker Collective, which initially gained notoriety by Kylie Jenner wearing their ‘DAD’ hat on the Kardashian show in 2015. Then would later land on celebs like Chris Brown, Anderson Paak, Young Thug, etc.

Neaks continues with, “Took a whole lotta hard times, Before I learned I was pro_grammed with the gram and the hope, Hoping for a hand got a rope, Climb into the land of the smoke, Everyone thinks they can jump but they don’t…” His creative wordplay gives us an honest insight into his own struggles and speaks on what it takes to truly take that leap of faith to conquer your dreams. “We all say we want something, but most of us are afraid to fight for it..there is no plan b for me. I was made to fight” says Neaks.

While his last video, 14, highlighted a vibrant abstract chaos of Los Angeles and painted a picture of the inspiration, ambition and sacrifice, “Fallen” challenges the viewer/listener by asking “Do you got what it takes?” With the help of iconic videographer, Nir Goldberg, and shot in under 2 hours, “Fallen” exudes an almost effortless confidence we’ve seen Neaks evolve into over the years. The emotional journey Neaks takes in this video radiates high energy and a matured perspective, full of carnal tension and vulnerability. “Fallen” is available for download on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Soundcloud.


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