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Nate Fox, producer for the likes of Chance The Rapper, Joey Purp and Lil Wayne takes a fresh glitch-hop approach to remixing neek’s new single, “let her go.” While the original is a raw, emotional indie pop resignation from love, Fox’s remix serves as counterpoint—an up-tempo celebration of vulnerability.

the neek remix was a fun record to redo because of how great a song it was, it allowed a lot of space for experimentation

Fox and neek were introduced by their shared visual and creative director, Amy Narodovich (Grace Weber), who was the central force behind the remix, as neek explains:

“From the moment I played the demo for Amy she immediately thought of approaching Nate for the remix. She understands the sonic worlds that we both live in, and she knew he would do justice to the emotionality of the song while still taking an inventive, expressive and personal approach to it. The remix gives new life and power to the pain behind my song, I’m forever grateful for it.”

Neek is an LA-based electronic music producer, artist and vocalist. Her home-recorded soundscape-pop serves as a self-reflective exploration of the strength found through loss. After the unexpected passing of her father in 2016, she went into isolation and only felt peace when lost in a Pro Tools session. The gravity of her loss led to a subconscious rebuilding of strength, centered on the openness and acceptance found when creating.

Upon graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in music and focus on classical guitar, she moved back home to Los Angeles where she reconnected with high school friends, Evan Windom (Saro), David Burris (Busy Busy), Sean Draper (Pander Sera) and Kyle Draper, where they immediately began writing music together for the Saro project. With a shared common vision of having complete control of their art, they began cultivating a creative safe space for artists to develop and grow on their own terms, and so was the birth of the Mateo Sound artist collective.

She recently teamed up with creative/visual director, Amy Narodovich, who is working on her forthcoming EP. With this new home and creative family, neek felt more compelled than ever to pursue production of her own. Under the guidance, support and apprenticeship of David Burris, she began learning Pro Tools and set up a home studio in her bedroom. She hasn’t left since.

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