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Neighborhood CEO

17-year-old triplets’ Jadarion “One Glo” Wheeler, Jafari “Shrimp Kaash” Wheeler and Javante “Ducc” Wheeler, better known as the fast-rising Hip-Hop entity Neighborhood CEO, is set to change the game as next up. A fresh sound, unique presence, and attention-grabbing content, the trio is easily identified as a force to be reckoned with their new single, “Pop Star”.

The Dallas, Texas-natives deliver a ground-breaking single with catchy hooks, natural look, and straight-forward attitude. “Pop Star” showcases the group’s different vibe, authenticity, and bravado as the group shows us what the “New Texas” is all about. Accompanied by a sound and appeal that resembles past Lone-Star greatness like UGK, Swisha House, and many more. “Pop Star” is a must-see moment in today’s Hip-Hop that fans will be discussing all 2019.

“Pop Star” by Neighborhood CEO is available now via Neu Wave Entertainment.


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