Nesha Nycee: Say It 2wice

With a passionate personality, a huge amount of positivity, and some of the dopest fashion styles you’ll ever see, Nesha Nycee is breaking barriers of what “cool” can be with regards to self-love and confidence.  A look into the meaning behind her term #godfidence and one can begin to understand the wave she has been conjuring.

“#godfidence is having higher consciousness… Being beyond confident…  Being totally unscathed by anything. [It’s] Saying ‘This is who I am.  Respect me as that’.  And [saying] ‘I feel so highly about myself I want it to shoot off onto you and have you look in the mirror and say ‘I am a king or I am a queen’’.

Needless to say, Nesha has a captivating aura which radiates uplifting energy.  Her keenness toward self-empowerment, fashion, and music began at a young age.  At nine years old, then Dawnesha Williams, was writing rhymes in time to music, expressing her thoughts and emotions about struggles she had endured thusfar.  At age twelve she began recording her raps in studios, making full songs.  Her work ethic and determination would eventually win her the popular v103 Rip the Mic competition, land her a movie role as the only female independent artist on street dreams: the road to a3c (alongside other impressive visual appearances), and become an official performing artist for SXSW 2019.

Born in St. Louis but raised in Atlanta (St. Lanta, as she calls it, with both places holding equal importance to her essence) Nesha draws inspiration from artists such as Missy Elliott, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, and Biggie not just on a musical level but on a spiritual and emotional level as well.

“Seeing them on the (tv) screen and seeing how different they were made me feel normal because [for example] I dress just as crazy.  I could identify with them.”

An honest expression of herself, Nesha’s musical style is unique and something meant for today’s market.  Vocally she’s not afraid to attack different flows and switch on a dime.  She attacks the stage with equal energy to her vocal delivery.  Her lyrics reflect her life experiences and most times come back with a positive spin, as made evident in Lock$mith.  The opposite of positive however can be said for her single / music video HeartACHE, however this song still remains an honest reflection of her experiences, containing a sincere message of how hard life can be at times.  A message easily translated onto the youth of today.

Working with children is something Nesha is very passionate about.  Donating her time and life experiences / story to many organizations and individuals, Nesha hopes her story and personality can cause others to see themselves in a more comfortable and positive light.  School tours, youth organizations, and community gatherings are all ways that Nesha stays connected with this population.  With such an emphasis on the generations to come, a final question was asked to Nesha.  The question was how she felt her life experiences did to her journey and how it could relate to the next generation.

“It gave me the motivation and determination to be a person that wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I always look at things like ‘I’ve been through so much worse’…  I’ve conquered so many different things that everything else is miniscule.  Having that attitude has made me feel powerful that if I can overcome my personal struggles in my life, then I can use the same perseverance to get where I need to go”.  Nesha hopes this can inspire kids going through similar situations to have the strength to be their powerful selves and get what they want out of life.

Nesha is on her way up in many entertainment facets.  Check out these links to some of her most awesome work:

Heartache Music Video

Sway Calloway 2018 SXSW Stage Performance


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