Nesta Releases New Single “Transparent” | @eyenesta |


Born, Marcus Gayle, to Rastafarian parents in Queens New York. Nesta spent his early years absorbing the music that his parents would play in the house, including that of his father, a respected musician himself.

Nesta was raised in Florida and moved to New York in early 2013 to take care of terminally ill father, who was once the lead singer of the reggae band The Visionaries. It was then he began to write and record his own music. Following the passing(cancer) of his father in 2014 “Nesta” began to craft his sound and released his debut single “Blending” a year later. Nesta will release his debut EP, “Shook My dreads” this May. His previous singles have been featured on Noisey, The Fader, , Mass Appeal, and many others around the interweb..

This project touches on the continuous battle between the ego and spirit, that I feel we all have.“Transparent” is all spiritual and it’s about seeing beyond the flesh and acknowledging the purity (god) within us all. Eliminating racism and coming to the conclusion that love is all the same


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