Enter “New Levels New Devils” From St. Louis Artist, Ju | @JuBlackFlag |


St. Louis artist Ju presents his fifteen track mixtape, “New Levels New Devils”, which includes recently released records with King Los and more –

“New Levels, New Devils” is a diverse mixtape that highlights his musical range with records that vary from classic Hip Hop to gritty trap. Ju describes New Levels, New Devils, as an open book look at his and his brothers’ lives. The mixtape describes being on top and with each new level, there is another devil or challenge trying to hold you down. The message of the mixtape is to persevere through the highs & lows and to keep fighting off life’s devils.

Keep an eye out for upcoming records and videos from Ju’s next project, The Revival, which includes features from Jadakiss, Nispey Hussle, 2Chainz, Junior Reed, Aye Verb and production credits from Mike Will Made It, Jay Boogie, ICU, Chop Squad DJ, Ear Drummers, Gauge and more.



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