Nick Cannon Won’t Shut The F*ck Up!

Looks like the turban rocker Nick Cannon is back at it again for the third time, but with this one, he takes an old song that Marshal Mathers made in his teen years. After getting brokenhearted from a black queen, Marshal created the song called “Foolish Pride” about black girls, singling out a whole race in the most disrespectful manner.

Although, Eminem addressed this song back in 2004, in the song “Yellow Brick Road.” He stated “I singled out a whole race and for that I apologize, I was wrong.
‘Cause no matter what color a girl is, she’s still a hoe.” You can take that line how you want. It’s just weird when you hear a person say they are sorry about one thing, changes it to everybody instead, and thinks it’s completely okay.

Back to Nick Cannon — he takes Eminem’s old song and sampled the one line where Eminem says “Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb”, then yelling out “what you say, Em?” This is by far his worst attempt at trying to rap, and a lot of people seems to agree. In the beginning of the song, he’s practically handing Eminem money with all of the songs he placed on the record.

He raps along, saying Eminem is a “guest” in this rap game. As if Nick was any type of notable rapper in this industry. I’m pretty sure Nick would be the guest here, but I do know that he got this “you’re a guest” line from the black social media quotes and memes, more notably from Lord Jamar, who also shares a disdain for Eminem’s music.

He just won’t quit, but he probably should. Because social media seems to hit him with multiple noteworthy memes after his tweet.


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