Nieman Releases “Brutally Honest” | @niemanmusic |

NIEMAN is an RnB/Pop singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles County. With millions of streams on Spotify, Nieman’s music captures his unique blend of classic RnB storytelling with an Alt-Pop sound. His single, “Why Do I Still?”, from his second E.P., “Palette,” was featured in the top 10 on the Spotify U.S. Viral 50 Charts, making an appearance on More recently, he released, “Knots,” a collaboration EP with his cousin, the Philippines’ most streamed artist, Moira Dela Torre.

Their title track continues to grow in numbers with over 5.8 million plays and was nominated for a Wish R&B Song of the Year award. With a distinct brand both on the stage and off, this Filipino-American artist is making his own lane, challenging the genre on his own terms.

This song captures Nieman’s insecurity as an independent artist, detailing the current mindset in his journey currently. He sings about the effects this pursuit has on his relationship, his family, and ultimately, himself. Much weighs on his mind as he navigates this industry and scene as a Filipino-American singer/songwriter and the gamble that comes with pursuing your passion, especially within music.

In a genre that presents much masculine bravado, he found that he wanted this carrier single to showcase his vulnerability and doubts. Independent artists are emerging now more than ever, this song captures the feeling shared yet isn’t often highlighted, which is the doubt in their longevity, the anxiety in sharing their art, and the influence their community’s voices have, either beneficial or detrimental.


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