Nine Dead after Dozens Found Inside Texas Truck

At least nine people are dead and a truck driver faces charges, after dozens of people were found inside a sweltering tractor trailer without a water supply in San Antonio, Texas.

Authorities say they were victims of -quote- ‘ruthless’ human traffickers… and were hot to the touch when help arrived. Temperatures outside the vehicle topped 100 degrees fahrenheit.


“Our paramedics and firefighters found each one of them had heart rates over about 130 beats per minute…. it was a mass casualty situation for us so we treated it just like you do for an airline crash or any major kind of incident so each one of those persons has a number and a tag. We’re going to have to reconcile who they are.”

Officials say the people in the truck ranged from school-age juveniles to adults in their 20s and 30s.

The Department of Homeland Security has joined the investigation, as prosecutors search for other people responsible.