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IF Young thug, G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa had a 3-way baby, they would’ve named him NIVO. NIVO is a diverse rapper/sing-rapper/producer that plays on any sounds from classic 80s samples to the more modern abstract, airy sounds that dominate today’s trends. IMAX is a short story that serves as an intro to this current chapter of NIVO as he treks into 2018 with a fresh style, spirit and leveled up mindset. It represents the next wave.

Listen to the single above and check the lyrics below:

my aura dark sometimes
tell myself that’s the old you
From park to flyyyyy
Steady plot then we go through
we execute
please get a clue
I dont want no loveee
I just wanna show you

and I just might …..

I just might, fuck up the game like I’m the ref now
I just might, glow in her face , you kno I flex now
I don’t need her feelings to show
I already know, the vibe is my scope
And I go move this wave on my own
With blessings and hopes, that the fakes get exposed yeah yeah
I need my space, I need my time
She stressed she high she need some love she hit my line
I’m locked in locked in locked in
Please don’t hit my line
I’m locked in locked in locked in
Please don’t kill my vibe
No. No no, we might find peace before you see me not grow oh no
I’m Bringing heat now, my sound supreme now, I got the keys now yeah

And I’m so fly
See it super clear too
never seen the rear view
only see the vision with a clear view
I only see the vision in IMAX
big films …. IMAX … big films ….

i want it right now now
you know how i get down
baby girl you know by my side where its best now
keep it low key too
Do not OD boo,
lemme get inside yo mind like its me too
I’m the shit pee yoo
and its simply true
you know I did my time in the field too
you know how I do that
you know how I do that
you know how i get what I’m wanting its my rules fam
its my rules
its my rules

Mixed and Mastered by Narek Ambar:

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