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NNO feat GI Watch NNO’s New Mini Movie

B.O.W. is back and plan to take ‘Over The World’ in 2017. With their first release, artist NNo has set the Rialto streets ablaze with this anthem. Loyalty is everything in the streets, and he capitalizes on that in this mini movie ‘Fo Life’, featuring GI of Money Gang – also hailing from the IE. These two hitters take you on a ride of how real it can get in the streets – & how fast mistakes can cost you.


Meet B.O.W. trooper, nNo. Known for his memorable lyrics and cutthroat attitude, nNo isn’t your usual “gangsta” rapper. He comes courtesy of Uptown New Orleans, Calliope Projects – where he was unfortunately forced to leave in 2oo5 when Hurricane Katrina struck his hometown.

Moving with family for close to a year, and having to re build himself, left nNo with something to prove – more so for himself. He moved from LA to Rialto where he was introduced to a new way of life and ultimately the beginning of his rap career, which started out as just a hobby. nNo is a firm believer in keeping it real and letting his life play through the speakers of millions to share his truths.

The down south thugga has definitely been the poster child for “Grinding My Whole Life”. Still in the streets, hustling to make a dream come true, nNo is known for lyrics about taking your money – and your chick while he’s at it;  turning it into profit.



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