Noah Aire – ‘U Don’t Know My Story’ [Audio] | @noahxos

Noah Aire

The first single from his forthcoming album I Shine Brightest in the Dark, Nigerian Afro-Pop artist Noah Aire shines from verse to verse on his track U Don’t Know My Story. A coming-of-age record, U Don’t Know My Story tells a resounding tale of the misunderstandings that come with growth and ones desperate desire to have your truth acknowledged.

Blending elements of African, electronic and Indian music, Noah Aire illustrates the possibilities of diversity and culture with U Don’t Know My Story. As the guitar and drum mesh beautifully on the beat, Aire booms with relatable lyricism; questioning how much is known about the unknown and how much can be known about humanity as a whole. Detailed in its production and sound structure, Aire creates a new wave and expectation for African hits and introduces a new genre to the musical melting pot that is the United States.

Solely written, performed, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by himself, Noah Aire takes responsibility for the sounds emerging from his country with U Don’t Know My Story and proudly proclaims that there is, indeed, a story to tell.