New Zealand born, Berlin based Noah Slee performs a funky, high energy version of his single “Told” from debut album “Otherland”. Following the release of his debut album “OTHERLAND” (via Majestic Casual) which features Jordan RakeiGeorgia Anne Muldrow, Shiloh Dynasty + more. In Told

Noah Slee’s hotly anticipated, debut ‘Otherland’ album is a deep, existential body of work. Reflecting upon past life experiences, incorporating contemporary and traditional sounds into his aesthetic, Kiwi songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah is a creative original. Recording new material reflective of the transient artists sentimental and thoughtful character, incorporating influences from Noah’s roots and the international vibe of cultures he has explored and adored, his high energy approach to composing killer, chill compilations is effortless. Producing this latest 12 track LP with producer Ben Esser, both musicians bonded off the back of the ‘Rampant Wild Free’; An inspired connection was forged between these multi-instrumentalists, as they communicated through rhythm and sound space.

Otherland’ is a soulful exploration of freedom and spiritual progression. Writing an explicit, diary-like account of Noahs sexual awakening and self-discovery, the Tongan native wrestles his conscience on record, as he speaks honestly about the intimate moral conflicts he experiences each day. Standout track ‘Told’ is a poignant ode to self, a stream of consciousness in which Noah accepts himself as a gay man, communicating the need for his families affirmation in the light of this brave disclosure.  Head bobbing, paced electronic beats drift beneath Noah’s musings, a sense of life’s greater plan weaves each track to the next. Poetic imagery dawns on each and every song’s intro, metaphorical of the new beginnings which will rise, chorus to chorus, song to song, sentiment to soliloquy, morning to night.


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