Nashville hip-hop artist nobigdyl. has released his latest single, “twenty eighteen.” Produced by 1995 (fka Anthony Cruz), “twenty eighteen.” marks the second single released as part of nobigdyl.’s new deal with Capitol CMG in Nashville.

Produced in partnership with Beats Headphones, the music video for “twenty eighteen.” is available today exclusively on  Apple Music . The video features nobigdyl. donning a pair of Beats, which, the song reveals, can be key in tuning out unwanted noise, especially from voices with ulterior motives.

An artist in today’s social media landscape is exposed to all kinds of distractions. It can be easy to lose sight of one’s goals and identity when you have to filter out the unwanted noise. “When you’re pursuing music, a lot of people don’t view you as a complete person,” says nobigdyl. “They see you as someone that is exclusively there for their own benefit. They want to get something from you, and are cool manipulating you under the facade of friendship.” He goes on to say that, “…everyone is your friend when you experience some kind of success. Separating the genuine from the users is a full time job.”

Raised in Nashville, dyl. stayed local to attend Middle Tennessee State University earning a degree in Music Business. Soon after graduating he took to the road, tour managing for Grammy Award Winning hip-hop artist Derek Minor. nobigdyl. had all but given up on a rap career until Derek Minor gave him use of his personal studio. One day, Minor came by the studio unannounced while nobigdyl. was working on some new material. Minor was so impressed by what he heard that he told nobigdyl. he’ll never be able to take that next step if he keeps tour managing. So with his best interests at heart, Minor fired nobigdyl. and that was the day his rap career began.

What dyl. is most passionate about is the movement he started back in 2014 called Indie Tribe. nobigdyl. refers to it as a movement because the genesis of Indie Tribe wasn’t about artists at all, but rather the idea that a group of creators could operate independent of stereotypes and limitations. Slowly over the past few years Indie Tribe has grown to become a collective of artists, producers, videographers, and graphic designers all pushing each other forward and acting as a support network in hip-hop. His new signing to Capitol CMG is a sign of Indie Tribe’s influence on the Hip-Hop scene in Nashville, and nobigdyl.’s creativity and growth as an artist.


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