Nolan Ryan – “Patiently Impatient” | @NoQuestionWho |

Nolan Ryan was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The 26 year old singer/songwriter handles all behind the scenes work for his music and brand content. Nolan’s unique style of melodic soulful hip-hop driven from his personal experiences intertwined with his visual eye, makes him someone you definitely want to watch as he works towards his purpose in life.

The inspiration behind this song, completely embodies the whole essence of the album “Patiently Impatient”. Working countless hours towards goals and dreams, getting tired of waiting for it to come to fruition. Aspiring to give loved one the life they truly deserve, knowing they will work for someone else the rest of their life. Along while patiently wanting to rekindle an old flame that was let go in the past, that is currently in a relationship.

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