Noora Releases New Single “No Invitation” | @IamNoora |

There’s a lot that can be said about Noora’s delectable mashup of pop and RnB. Hailing from New Jersey, the singer-songwriter has been making waves across the East Coast with a voice that is equally as captivating as it is powerful. Stylistically, Noora’s music is a marriage of old soul with new wave pop. It’s melodically rich, and carried with fierce conviction that can only be a result of her strong, dominant vocal prowess.

Noora has been making music for the greater part of about 8 years, and was immediately hooked after being invited to sing a hook for a rap duo out of Brooklyn, NY. It ignited a flame inside of her, and after being handed down a microphone and a copy of Cool Edit by the same group, the rest quickly fell into place.

Noora has certainly been busy. In 2014 she released a mixtape of covers in 2014 titled ‘Under The Covers’, and fueled her career by recording covers and her own renditions of songs that inspire her.

Her first single ‘FWU’ debuted in 2016, and another single ‘Dreams’ dropped in July 2019. Dreams is the first single to promote her forthcoming EP ‘Retrograde’, which is due for release in August 2019. She has amassed over 1.5 million streams on Soundcloud, and has been featured in multiple Spotify and Apple playlists. She has also received mentions and features in a multitude of music blogs and media publications across the globe.

For Noora, music has always been a safe space. As an introvert, fitting in has always been a challenge. People find their ways to cope with their inner demons, and music just happened to be that special refuge for her. This comes as no surprise, as it’s a medium that allows her to express herself, and tell her story without confines or boundaries. She hopes to share that moment with you. Join her.


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