Written, recorded, and engineered in a single day, NyuKyung’s latest release, “Desire” is a by product of hard work between NyuKyung and super producer Lomax.

The song was originally written as a contest entry for Jarren Benton’s ‘Bully Freestyle Contest’ and was originally composed as a rap song. However, after multiple revisions and 24 hours later the end product was a never before heard style consisting of NyuKyung’s uncomparable flow, catchy melodies, and harmonies that rival some of the best pop artists in the industry. It ended up winning the bully freestyle contest and has been praised by major artists such as Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton.

Starting the year off with a big win, NyuKyung and Lomax plan to continue to build off this momentum for the rest of 2020 and push their new sound, “Harmonic Trap.”


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