Odali – Play At The Park EP | @ODALIPAA |


Play At The Park by Odali.

Fresh off the visual premiere release of the lead-single ‘Yemenites‘ via RESPECT. MAGAZINE. Crafted by the Queens-bred Odali & produced by the Swedish-born LGHTHD, ‘Play At The Park’ supplies a refreshing sound to the contemporary Hip-Hop landscape. As summer comes into a full groove, the park plays an essential part-pun intended, or maybe it use to for my generation. Generation Y, or as the baby-boomers would say ‘millenials’, is the last generation to generally be outside. Specifically, at the park, and as technology has consumed our lives, parks have become abandoned with streets deserted.
Play At The Park is Odali’s reflection of his days as a youth roaming the streets up to no good. It was a great release of built-up emotions and energy. It was not until writing this project that he realized how much of his adolescence had an effect on him today, and built him up to the man he is now becoming. Not only that, but the fact that 100% of the production from LGHTHD was created between 2008-2010 in Sweden made it that much more compelling. Additionally, the excellent contributions from Celia Inside and Starker was like adding the cherry on top.