Oliver Céleste Returns with “Honey” | @Oliver_Celeste |

Oliver Céleste is a singer, songwriter and producer from London, UK.

The singer made his debut in 2014 with his self-penned single ‘Bones’, which was recently posted by Jeremy Vine on twitter.

After releasing 2 EPs and 2 albums over the course of 2 years, Oliver took a 2 year hiatus and is returning with an 8 track EP this spring/summer [release date tbc].

During his hiatus, Oliver developed his sound and honed his craft, making significant advances in the quality of his production and songwriting. It’s an exciting time for the young Brit as he departs from his former sound and image and returns with a bang.

The song was written about the battle I had with accepting the darker sides of myself when I was younger. Growing up in a strict religious school drilled into me what was “right” and what was “wrong” – the lyrics are about the moment of realization I had when I realized if I was going to be my true, authentic self then I would have to scrap those rules and love the parts of me that were “sinful”. I used to see myself as two people, the good side and the bad side – ‘Honey’ was written from the perspective of the good side of me in the final moments before the two merged.


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