Olivia Henry Debuts “Expectations” LP | @OliviaHenryLife |

Los Angeles songstress, Olivia Henry gracefully radiates the world with her debut LP “Expectations“.

“Expectations” is a collection of intense phenomenal tracks that brings us on a electrical jazz filled journey. With a fire rhythm, the vocals interact with rich instrumental parts, developed through the songs delivering a subtle and powerful sound through each song.

The project is a high spirited album of neo-pop-jazz that consists of eight tracks which possess some compelling moods, sonic landscapes, and a big splash of powerful feminism. You can hear echoes of funk, soul, pop, jazz, rock, and electro.

Olivia Henry is a creative monster with high-energy music true to her inspirational groove. Somewhere in the universe, Amy Winehouse is nodding her head in agreement. Check the project above, and find out more about Olivia here.


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