Olivia I Barker – “Change Your Mind”

Olivia I Barker is a Gold Coast based artist that has re-invigorated a classic era of pop by taking the subjects of her abstract painting and digital practice and turned them to song. Change Your Mind a bodacious cut of bass, brass and assertiveness.

Olivia’s uses her contemporary art, music production, lyrics and her own personal style to examine the feminine, sociology and the subliminal seductions found in social media, this has in-turn inspired her to revivify turn-of-the-century Pop. Change Your Mind is boosted by the likes of Blu Cantrell and finds its hook in our shared desires.

‘I write from me but it’s for everyone else too’ – Olivia I Barker

Olivia writes songs with the intention of being anthems for anyone that may need them. Her first single Grey Again was written about Olivia’s poor and dependant relationship with alcohol. Her lyrics give the listener the opportunity to turn the antagonist into someone or something that suits their current lives. This immediate flexibility is present once again in Change Your Mind, a juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength fosters the question of whether this is a conflict with the self or the other?

It’s with this playful sense of ambiguity that Change Your Mind tempts everyone, the thick bass and foreboding brass are a seductive fanfare that confidently knocks on the door of those most resistant and brings them to the party. Olivia I Barker revealing that whether it be visual or aural, she’s a pop artist of great flair and savvy.

For Fans Of: BANKS | GRAACE | Lana Del Rey

‘Change Your Mind’ is in digital stores now


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