Ollie Joseph – “On Blast” | @ByOllieJoseph |


Actions speak louder than words. Instead of telling you that Ollie Joseph is going to be the next big thing in hip-hop, we will show you why. Raised in Japan before moving to his current home, Los Angeles, Ollie Joseph just released his new single, “On Blast”, as part of his massive 2018 release schedule. Ollie will be releasing over 20 new singles this year, along with several exciting new visuals. Ollie has released emotional songs, songs with a story & occasionally, a flex record. Ollie truly showcases his diverse style in “On Blast”. The beat draws you in with its melodic tone and vibey feel. Ollie’s verses have you rapping along with him before the sultry vocals capture you in the chorus. You’ll have “On Blast” on repeat in no time.


Ollie Joseph is definitely here to stay in the hip hop industry. His style, like his upbringing, is outside-the-box. Throughout his childhood, Ollie called Japan, Florida, Michigan and California all home at various points. His music style incorporates aspects of the various different cultures he grew up experiencing. If you do not know his name yet, you will soon. He is Ollie Joseph. He has already released six songs this year, along with a new music video for his song, “Waves” and has racked up hundreds of thousands of Spotify plays over the last few months and this is just the beginning.



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