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Ollie has a song releasing, featuring HUSH , called, “Ripped Up”, about a relationship that didn’t work out, but a girl he still has a lot of feelings for.

Here are Ollie’s thoughts on “Ripped Up”:

‘”Ripped Up” is one of the most meaningful song’s I’ve written. It’s about the same girl a few of my others songs are about, and was supposed to be the final ballad about her. It probably won’t be. There’s this insanely beautiful woman from a different country that I met awhile back and was friends with for a few years. One day, it escalated to something different, and we got to spending a lot of time together. On and off for a handful of months, I realized that besides my mom, she was the woman I cared most about. The song’s an open message of the topics I’d touch if I was able to call her and be open about everything. Unfortunately, we live in an age where people have short attention spans and can emotionally disassociate themselves from people with ease. I’m not one of those people, and still got it for her.

When I was writing, “I really want to hear your voice, I’d sound like a bitch saying that. Riding around in the whip playing back, all the songs we’d fuck to thinking god I love you, I really wish that I could quit saying that,” that just came out. This whole song was me spilling every thought and emotion I had on the situation onto my note pad. It’s meant to be serious on my end, but playful on someone else’s because no one went through my specific situation, if that makes sense. It’s serious in that the situation means the most to me, but I have no resentment towards her and will always wish her the best. There’s nothing but love from this side.

It was pretty incomplete when I went to HUSH’s place to record it. It didn’t have a hook. I had and idea, but it wasn’t that good. I asked HUSH if he’d be down to write something to it, and he sent me back what I think is one of the best hooks I’ve ever heard. It makes the song, and fits perfectly.

Courtney Hawkins and Alex Sacco did an amazing job on the production. I’m grateful at how the song turned out. Everyone who was a part of it killed it. I love being able to tell a story, and if I get to do it over a catchy beat like this, I’m all for it.”


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