Ollie Joseph Premieres New Single “Sexy” | @ByOllieJoseph |

A lovely collaboration between Cyrus and Ollie blending old school vibes with new ones. A perfect track to put you in the mood for the quickly approaching summer ahead. Roll down your windows, soak up the sun, and blast Sexy down the highway because we all deserve a little self-love.

“I’m not going to talk in third person like a normal bio. Yokosuka, Japan, is where I was born and raised. I grew up mostly overseas, in Florida, and in Michigan. My influences stem from past relationships to wild nights I’ve had going out. I don’t know what I was born to do, but I love making music and turning the fuck up so that’s what I’m currently doing in Los Angeles.

I never thought anyone would listen to a song I made, but with people like you supporting me, I see that it’s more than possible. Thank you, I can’t say that enough. I hope you guys like the songs as much as I have fun making them. This is all for my family and you guys… and myself.

Now, let’s go to the top”

– Ollie Joseph


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