ORKID Releases New Single “So Rude” | @MatildaMeliin


ORKID, aka Matilda Melin from Sweden’s far north, continues to soar and amaze, release after release. Personifying quintessential Swedish indie-electro-pop, it’s hard not to fall for ORKID’s brand of velvet, soulful, fragile yet commanding vocals, alongside her captivating and piercing beauty inside and out.The 21 year old starlet now lives in Stockholm – a world hub for modern pop – but was schooled on classic legendary singer/songwriters like Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke. These contrasting influences can be heard in ORKID’s rare quality to possess both on trend and a maturity beyond her years artistry. At the raw age of 16, she cleverly used the ‘Idol’ stage and overcame the challenge of being heard from a small town, leaving audiences gob smacked with her world class potential. Desiring much more than ‘flash in the pan’ success, over the following two years ORKID completed her education, honed her song writing and live performance skills, and developed into one of Sweden’s most exciting artist exports to watch.

Her latest release “Wasted” received massive attention from blogs, radio and music editors across the globe. The Line Of Best Fit also featured ORKID alongside Hillydilly and other infamous online music outlets. The song was featured on 21 different “New Music Friday” lists on Spotify, including U.S. and UK, and reached the top spot on the Hype Machine most blogged/popular lists.

New single “So Rude” (Written together with U.S. chart topper Lucas Nord) will push ORKID towards yet a new direction, highlighting the urban side of this uniquely diverse and talented young artist.

ORKID shares: “So Rude was written with no particular person in mind. At the time I was waiting tables at this restaurant, so Lucas and me wrote this song about all the rude guests you encounter on a regular basis. I like the idea that when you hear the song you’ll probably think it’s about a relationship, but when you know the true story behind it it’s actually kind of funny.”

“So Rude” has been featured on 13 different “New Music Friday” lists today (4th of May) on Spotify, including U.S. and UK.


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