Oscar Bandersen hits a homerun with the Bruce-featured, “Running” – @OscarBandersen



Copenhagen’s Oscar Bandersen hits the ground “Running” with his first ever journey into the R&B/Funk realm and is joined by the electric voice of Danish vocalist, Bruce –

“Running” is an R&B fused funk record that sounds as if it came straight out of the late eighties. This is thanks in part to the production elements of Bandersen, who leans heavily on big synths, bass guitar slaps and crispy claps. Combine this with the showstopping rythm of fellow Denmark singer Bruce’s styling and you have a hit single sure to keep “Running” on repeat for days on end. Strip the song down to it’s bones and you’ll soon find that the song speaks about running away from problems and ultimately letting go of your taboos. Fall into the funk of Oscar and Bruce’s latest, available on Soundcloud.

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