P. Muna Releases New Track “Vice City” | @IAMPMUNA |


New York rapper P.Muna releases new single ‘Vice City’ today. Former contestant on MTV’s Are You The One, P.Muna, was then searching for the perfect one, but now has a new album dropping soon.

With his rhythmic flows and story-binding lyrics, P.Muna is shaking up the New York hip-hop scene. He digs back into hip-hop’s roots to create his music, which has given him opportunities to open for some of today’s big-name artists like 2Chainz and Snoop Dogg.

The title and artwork are heavily inspired by the classic video game (and one of my personal favorites) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Best known for his rich voice and commanding lyrics, former MTV’s Are You The One? P. Muna has created a lane in the hip-hop world by blending elements of soul, hip-hop, and rock together in a smooth, concurrent fashion that has shaken up NYC. With an emphasis on lyrics and melodies, his work has blurred the lines of what defines a music genre, being described as Neo-Soul R&B/Hip-Hop.  P. Muna draws inspirations from musical icons such as Luther Vandross and Prince, as well as contemporary giants like HOV and Drake, all while staying true to his sound and message he wants to convey. Also a seasoned performer, P. Muna has opened up for some of the biggest artists today, including 2Chainz and Snoop Dogg.


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