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“Tristeza” means sadness in Portuguese. The term is suitable for the textures and environment of the music. “Tristeza Street” offers a setting that evokes a melancholy and dreamy urban film.

The music’s expressive guitars and placid string arrangements melt sweetly with delicate pianos and soft percussion and drums. The Portuguese spoken vocal roughly translates into a melancholy desire for someone or something from the past.

Both instrumental and vocal lyricism reflect an unusual side of the Brazilian lifestyle: the sadness. We all know where there is joy, there is always sadness. This is the key point of the song.

The Brazilian producer Pablo Zuazo takes a surprisingly organic approach, tweaking guitar rhythms with shimmering backdrops and the electro beat.

The Brazilian-born jazz pianist, singer and songwriter Pablo Zuazo zigzags between Brazilian music, jazz and electronic music.

His North Star is the notion that “Modernity is Tradition”: the point is neither the past nor the future, but their interelationship, as Modern and Tradition merge in the present moment, here and now.

He grew up influenced by artists like Us3, Jazzanova, Thievery Corporation, Herbie Hancock, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Gramatik, Antônio Carlos Jobim and Caetano Veloso.


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