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Minute Man

In “The Meg”, Page Kennedy’s character provides the much-needed comic relief amidst all that nail-biting tension. Likewise, on SPDS, Page tempers the airing of some pretty raw emotion with a collection of comedy skits with some of his acting friends and a few tongue-in-cheek refrains that allow the listener to come up for air.

Most know Page Kennedy for his acting. Some prominent roles have included “Desperate Housewives”, “Weeds”, “Backstrom”, and “Blue Mountain State” but summer 2018 saw him with a prominent role in Warner Bros. new shark thriller, “The Meg”, now the #3 shark movie of all time.

After a 6-month shoot for the film in New Zealand, Page returned home to wait for its release, and put his heart and soul in to making music. The timing of the release of “Same Page, Different Story” couldn’t be better. Who wouldn’t want to have an album and blockbuster film release simultaneously?

Which brings us to today’s offering; the visual for “Minute Man.” Mr. Kennedy makes no bones about the fact that his heart is not on the market but that he is always ready to lend a hand to the neglected and unsatisfied amongst the female population. Assisted by the raunchy imaginings of illustrator Konstantine Progorelove and the animations of Nari Animation, Page gives personification to that side of his nature in the form of “Minute Man”. The whole affair has the benefit of a Heatmakerz track that adds an urgency matching the mood of Minute Man’s rescuees.


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