South London singer-songwriter Paige Bea has unveiled her debut release, ‘Pick Up Your Heart’, via Lapsang House, accompanied by a joyful montage of home movie-esque visuals. Having surrounded herself with like-minded collaborators for her first outing, this release celebrates the fact that sometimes your friends can and should be your biggest influence. ‘Pick Up Your Heart’ is a deeply soulful affair, embraced by producer KINDER’s synthesised trademark. Calling on childhood friend and film-maker Rosie Marks (Mount Kimbie, Burberry, AnOther Magazine) to shoot the video, Paige’s bold introduction comes with a collective vision and backing from some of the most creative and promising new minds.

Paige was classically trained on piano and voice for the first 18 years of her life, but after a brief stint studying opera in Dublin she became dissatisfied with the regimented nature of the classical world. Inspired by a late discovery of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Frank’ after watching Asif Kapadia’s documentary, she began channelling all her energy into songwriting. ‘Pick Up Your Heart’ was written about ‘how much we complain about things we could really do something about’ and a conscious effort to be more selfless, following a funeral Paige sang at for someone she didn’t know very well. KINDER’s minimal guitar lines and waves of synth chords perfectly set the scene for Paige, whose husky vocal needs little support as she fills out every last corner of the track.

Mirroring the underlying theme of apathy in ‘Pick Up Your Heart’, director Rosie Marks drew inspiration from Mark Lewis’ ‘The Pitch’, choosing to film in Waterloo Station ‘where no one cares what you do. Everyone is in transit/in a rush.’ Paige puts a novel spin on the concept by dancing away to her own track as commuters sprint past to catch their train or become entranced by their devices, ‘so wrapped up in their own worlds they forget to really look at what’s going on around them.’ With a refreshing relatability to all that she creates, Paige Bea has carved out a space just for her.


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