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South London based Paige Bea has returned with her new single, ‘Your Echo’, following last year’s standout debut, ‘Pick Up Your Heart’. Releasing via Lapsang House, Paige’s first outing garnered fans in BBC 1Xtra (Jamz Supernova), KCRW (Jason Kramer) and Amazing Radio (Charlie Ashcroft), with early support from the likes of CLASH and Hillydilly. Having surrounded herself with like-minded collaborators for her latest song, ‘Your Echo’ is smothered in the effortless soul we’ve come to expect from Paige, but underpinned by a new and decidedly darker aesthetic. This release marks the beginning of a new chapter for the singer-songwriter, carving out her own style with a refreshing relatability.

‘Your Echo’ was written, recorded and mixed at The Premises Studios with longtime collaborator KINDER and new faces Jonjo Keefe (Park Hotel) and Teresa Origone (Bad Honey). Often only working in hastily organised sessions to fill up empty slots in the studio, the four would ‘write with an intense focus that fuelled our creativity’. Fusing a collective taste for jazz, soul, dark electronica and all things ethereal, the aim of the sessions was to experiment with new instrumentation and production styles.

The song is about people taking you for granted and thinking you’ll stay put no matter what ‘because they’re too caught up in their own egos’. A way of mourning a relationship already lost but also calling out to others in a similar situation who might be able to get out before it’s too late, Paige explains how modern technology often precludes this kind of treatment, ‘you’re connected to so many people you forget the ones who truly matter, thinking they’ll always be just a phone call away.’ Mirroring the intensely pulsating drums and brooding melodies, each word cuts deeper than the last as waves of synthesiser crash over a climactic chorus. Paige is never afraid to bare all in her writing, and whilst ‘Your Echo’ isn’t always ‘the easiest song to listen to, it feels like the most artistically true thing I have created so far.’ // //


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