Pat Polzin has picked up in less than a decade what it takes some a lifetime to master. He started creating electronic music in 2006 and made the shift to rapping a few years later. In 2013, he began to build his solo career. His electronic roots show in the startling and thoroughly enjoyable beats he weaves his rhymes around. Upbeat and infectious, his music and onstage presence make it hard to resist dancing along.

One of his stellar tracks, “Neighbors” gets down and dirty with dubstep influences in what’s sure to become a classic house party theme song. He flows in harmony to his beats, painting a vivid picture with his words – whether he’s rapping about a won’t quit party or the trials of life. A master storyteller with a feel good vibe and endless energy, Pat Polzin shapes engaging melodic poetry and hooks that spend days bouncing around your cranium.

This song was written to bring more attention to situations not being binary. Everything isn’t always one way or the other, most situations are in more of a grey area. The song itself is in that area, with contrasting lyrical themes and sounds on a blend of pop and rap music, live instrumentation and programmed MIDI, etc.


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