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PATH P has all his chips in the pot on “FTW” as he goes in for the win with production by Almighty Wise of Gamerunners Entertainment

PATH P (Positioned At The Highest Point), aka Colin Lawton, is a lyricist born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. P’s music is a culmination of thoughts put on paper that reflect his everyday life, the people and instances involved and how they influence him. His lyrics are said to reflect his want for justice, righteousness, or just pure expression of lyrical capability and creativity.

“It’s Human Music”

Writing rhymes off and on since the age of 16 with the inspiration of longtime friend, Ganz Gutta, PATH P officially realized the love and passion for making music, particularly Hip Hop, back in 2008 and has since embarked on the career path to bring his brand of socially aware and creatively charged hip hop to the forefront of the worldwide masses.

Since ’08, upon connecting and building a long standing relationship with fellow music artist and producer, Mario “Thre3” Rivera III, PATH and Thre3 have developed as a match made in musical heaven; with PATH’s lyrics and delivery marrying Thre3’s beats with conviction they managed to create a sonic experience not as common in today’s Hip Hop scene. As a result, their debut collaborative LP, LifeInTheRealestHue (released in May of 2014) garnered them “award-winning” status, as the project earned the title of “Best Rap Album/East Coast” from the Akademia Music Awards in April of 2015. Since then the duo have release an EP The Heal in March 2015 and presented the sophomore LP, “INDIGO” on June, 19, 2016.

Revolution and legacy, PATH’s 2-part 3rd album project, takes a slightly different sonic turn in contrast to his previous award-winning albums, the 2014 debut LifeInTheRealestHue, & the galactic 2nd album, 2016’s INDIGO, yet it doesn’t stray in continuing to tell a well-rounded story of reflection, pain, love, internal plight, empowerment, peace, celebration and liberation.


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