People Museum Release “Whole Heart”

Whole Heart’s drumbeat is inspired by the polyrhythms in afro-beat and we mix it with analog synths and trombone filtered with effects. It’s the first single off of our second release an EP titled “I Made a Madman Out of Me and You Laughed” coming 12/6.

People Museum is an alternate pop group formed in New Orleans by Jeremy Phipps (producer/trombonist) and Claire Givens (singer) in 2016. The name was created while watching grammy nominees walk to dressing rooms through a large glass window along with a crowd “It’s like a people museum.”

Claire Givens is the daughter of an operatic singer/baptist music minister and classically trained pianist/choral teacher. She learned to sing in the churches of rural North Louisiana. Jeremy grew up playing trombone in New Orleans marching bands and traditional jazz groups. He has been able to translate his experiences and skills on tour with Solange, Rubblebucket, and AlunaGeorge, and Claire still works in the classical music world. Their shared affinity for pop production, tradition, and unique experiences of the south has created a blend of styles that has made People Museum a collection of sounds not often brought together. Their debut album “I Dreamt You In Technicolor” was released in fall 2018.


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