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Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Sugar Hill, Harlem rap artist/producer Perrion

What made you decide to become a rapper?

I started rapping because I was just always fascinated with how rappers put words together with rhythm to a beat. As simple as that. My pops played nothing but Hiphop and R&B around us so that’s what I grew up listening to and I fell in love as soon as I was introduced. 

What’s the first rap song you ever heard?

First rap album I remember listening to in entirety is 36 chambers. I actually have a baby of pic me listening to it for the first time out of a Walkman CD player. After that I knew Rap would be something I would wanna do… at like age 3.

Describe the moment.

I was literally sitting at my aunt Jackie house (RIP). My pops left me with the Walkman and some CDs and that was the first one I played. I remember hearing the intro and how clear and rugged it was. Probably the most intrigued I’ve ever been in my whole life lol. 

You have worked with Dave East, Joey Badass and was just named in Spin’s February 5. What has been the high point of your career so far?

High point of my career so far was going on Sway in the morning and being acknowledged by the great Heather B and her telling me she sees me going far. Also opening up for ASAP Rocky, then flying to Paris to release a collaboration album and be able to sell merch and just being able to travel the world without a deal and make money off a hobby alone is a great feeling. 

How did “405” come together? Are you living in LA now? How do you like LA?

405 came together while taking a vacation in LA for a couple of days. I went out there with a shorty and was literally riding around in a bucket, but when she left I rented an i8 to get around. Met my boy Totes in Calabasas and recorded that song in like 15 minutes. Pulled some strings and shot the whole video the next day. I love LA. It’s just something in the air out there, it’s times I went out there, went broke, and came up on a couple bands like nothing. Shit fake surreal but it’s lit. Felt like GTA 5 out there. 

What are your predictions for 2018, musically and globally?

For 2018 I see myself working harder than I ever have on music and going on a worldwide tour. I took a little hiatus but no more breaks for me. I got music stashed like PAC so I’ma be releasing a whole lot more. And just getting better at what I do and creating more original content.


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