“Pet Envy” Explore the Rush of Slowing Down in “Slower” | @PET_ENVY |

Pop-rock band based in Nashville, TN || Well known for their invigorating live shows || Collaborations with Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews, Béla Fleck), Roy Agee (Prince, Glenn Miller Orchestra), Josh Reynolds (Little Big Town, Joe Nichols) & Grammy Award Winning Producer, Femke Weidema

“‘Slower’ explores the cliches that are often told to people who either stop the busy hustle and bustle lifestyle to pursue other ventures, or who don’t seem to be bothered much by the day to day stuff. I drew inspiration from remembering how it feels to finally slow down and take one day at a time instead of always thinking of life as this big long game. It suddenly makes me feel lighter and younger. Jake and I were talking one day and he told me something along the lines of “I think I’m just getting older…” and I said “well have you tried doing it slower?” And thus this idea of a song was a real thing, and we finished the entire song in about two hours” –Shelbi Albert of Pet Envy



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