PHZ-Sicks – “Riot In My Memory” | @PHZ_Sicks |



Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents “Riot In My Memory”, the new single from his forthcoming album Good Day, Greater Tomorrow. Produced by Epik The Dawn and PHZ-Sicks, “Riot” features drums by Spencer Vliet as well as additional Vocals by Seanny Greggs, Gabrielle Nutter, & Whitney Thompson, and comes on the heels of previous album single “Hurts” ( Soundcloud ). PHZ-Sicks will release a new single from the album on the 23rd of each month leading up to the album’s summer drop.

PHZ-Sicks says “Riot” comes from a place of “frustration and anger leading to catharsis. The fact that people turn a blind eye to the issue of police brutality is mind-boggling. You can’t be a caring person that says ‘I see no race’ but won’t stand next to your fellow human being if there is scientific fact that we are being treated differently and inhumanely. I wanted to vent while also fighting against the asinine follow-up questions whenever a person of color brings up this topic. I don’t want my words, my body or my music to be tread upon. Music can heal a nation and also build a nation… and sometimes you have to tear shit up.”