PineappleCiti Releases Self Titled Album | @pineappleciti |



PineappleCiti now releases her debut album out now.

Now available on all digital outlets, the self-titled debut album from the Newark, New Jersey artist is ready to make a huge splash. With a rising fanbase growing this new project now introduces you to who PineappleCiti is.

Hot records include “Check on You” produced by major industry DJ, Clinton Sparks along with “Hide Yo Body” and of course it features the records that were well received by the general public “Rose Colored” and “Pepsi”.

1. Rose Colored
2. Pepsi Ft. Dougie F
3. Check on You (Produced by Clinton Sparks)
5. Flexxx (Co-produced by Keyz Open Doors)6. New Level
7. Master P
8. Hide Yo Body (Co-produced by Keyz Open Doors)