Prague based producer and vocalist Piqi Miqi releases his dark lover’s ballad “Set Your Body Free” the second single off his debut album “Yesterday Left Last Night”. Lead by a whirly electro-mechanical piano  and 808 toms in the style of early dancehall riddims, “Set Your Body Free” gets you both in the groove and in the mood. “She was afraid to leave him” says Piqi Miqi, who wrote the song after falling for a woman who was going through a physically abusive relationship. “I thought she should be in a more healthy relationship but she felt there was no way out. This song represents the emotional and physical desire I had for her which was never fulfilled, but that still kept me yearning and chasing after her.”

In this minimal music video, Piqi Miqi confronts us with honest eye contact, dark light and silhouettes redefining shapes. The visual is a critique of the everyday masks which people wear in disguise. Director Jakbu Ra plays with the intimate space around the body styled in destroyed clothe. His lense captures the raw emotions behind Piqi Miqi’s melodic cries.



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