Pixel Releases New Single “Upside Down”

Upside Down is the demonstrative debut under new banner Pixel, exploring struggles against mental imbalance whilst opening the digital door to an interactive production project.

During his time working as a producer for national broadcaster ABC and writing songs with Brisbane band Sing Say, Pixel experienced a health scare which forced him to make the best of a bad situation. In his respite he developed the idea of a contribution-based live-stream where the content is packaged for education. How better to do this than to lead by example.

Pixel started writing Upside Down with band mates Sing Say in Canada, puzzling the pieces together during the recording process at his new studio in Toowoomba, Queensland. Also mixed by Pixel, the song was then mastered by Studio 301 great Steve Smart. 

Pixel‘s resume also includes work with greats Carol Lloyd, James Reyne, Dan Smith, Edward Guglielmino, Pixel’s success with Sing Say found air time on national broadcaster Triple J. Furthering a healthy portfolio he has worked on national programs for ABC television including Landline, Back Roads, Saturday Night Country to name a few

‘I’m launching a collaborative project so that other musicians learn from what I have and so they can have their input into the final projects we (Pixel Music Production) create. That’s the plan. The first step though is a gift, it’s a song to seed the brand to whatever it grows into.’ – Pixel 

Pixel is launching his broadcast instructional channel Pixel Music Production in succession with Upside Down. 


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