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In 2011, a huge The Moniker wave washed over Sweden when Daniel Karlsson ended up in third place with his song ”Oh My God” in the Swedish Melody Festival. The song was seen and heard everywhere that summer and since then, Daniel has also been seen and heard in numerous contexts, as well as being busy writing music with a pulsating driving force.

With his uncompromising, musical integrity and freedom, Daniel has created his own sound. Freely crossing genres and decades, he will finally resurrect as Plastic Messiah 22nd June, interpreting Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” with his characteristic style.

Shortly after releasing Lose Yourself, the music video will drop, where Plastic Messiah and his band interpret the song live. There will also be more music released by the end of summer and later during fall.

Plastic Messiah comments on the release: “The process started out as game in the studio because of a temporary creative dry season. Slightly frustrated, I was scrolling through one of my Spotify-lists and Eminem’s Lose Yourself popped up. I felt the right vibe and so it begun. When I’m sitting down with the guitar and nothing pops up, I either put it down or sit still for a while, letting the guitar gather itself a bit. And out of nowhere – maybe a tune or two suddenly appears in my mind. I hope you appreciate it. Peace.”

Lose Yourself  is available on all streaming services. Don’t forget to follow Plastic Messiah on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.


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