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‘Dark Demons’, the new song from PNK FME, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings

Adelaide based producer and vocalist, Lachlan Turnock is smashing out a tremendous 2018 with his PNK FME (Pink Fame) project. With a primary focus on delivering introspective and abstract electro. PNK FME has shot into Australia’s sound systems with his singles ‘Tho’ and ‘Jaded’. The artist is on the brink of releasing his third single ‘Dark Demons’.

PNK FME’s mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings. The artist’s attention to detail is evident in all his philosophical productions, matched harmoniously with heart-aching toplines. A profound introspection is intricately weaved throughout PNK FME’s tracks. Every aspect of PNK FME’s releases showcases the young musician’s developed mindset, as a producer and lyricist.

A major highlight for PNK FME is the recent nomination at the 2018 South Australian Music Awards for ‘Most Popular Electronic Artist’. Along with the SAM Award nomination, PNK FME has had a stellar year with support flowing from triple j’s Sandro Falce, Claire Mooney, Dave Ruby Howe, along with features in LunchBox, Fresh 92.7, Straight Butter, Futuremag Music, and Australian Music Scene. PNK FME’s electrifying reach has extended into the fashion realm, with his single ‘Tho’ featuring prominently in Adelaide Fashion Festival’s 2018 launch video.

With each release, performance, and showcase, PNK FME continues to forge his own path within the Australian electronic music scene. Be sure to watch, as he continues to release, perform and break milestones.


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