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Hip-Hop artist, Ponder Rhythm (known as Robb Teneo) grew up within peculiar parameters that spurred a unique blend of an individual. Centered in a cultural Venn diagram, he raised himself as a homeless orphan in an unforgiving area of Atlanta, GA, USA. Robb’s observations of the world around him combined with the will to understand and overcome. His perseverance was powered by a consistent kick drum and snare looping in his headphones.

In his formative years, an eclectic reading list and extensive music library seeped into Ponder Rhythm’s mentality, framing a multi-dimensional well of inspiration. His backpack was laden with pages of his own lyrics, philosophical and satirical literature, and a couple of pairs of clothes. The soundtrack of his youth had components of rap, reggae, rock, R&B, and blues. Mos Def, T.I., Slightly Stoopid, The Fugees, Sade, and Jimi Hendrix were in heavy rotation.

During his early twenties in ATL, Robb experienced bright days and deep evenings living in a bohemian community. This chapter was full of songwriting, jamming, live performances, industry obstacles, and close calls. Robb (then under the moniker Orbit) had underground appearances in East Atlanta Village and Little Five Points. He also played shows at Terminal West and Apache Café. He featured with reggae bands, live-electronic groups, trap DJs and at two BET events.

In 2015, he moved across the country to San Diego, California. Here, he adopted the moniker Ponder Rhythm. He continued his presence in both the hip-hop and reggae scenes, performing at The Harp, Winston’s OB, Brick by Brick, Trilogy Sanctuary, Humphrey’s Backstage Live, Studio MIF, U-31, 710 Beach Club, The Kava Lounge and The Bahia Belle Cruise. Ponder Rhythm has shared the stage with Ireality, Fluid Foundation, G-Lou, and J.Lately.

An array of captivating elements illustrates Ponder Rhythm’s music. His discography embodies a variety of instrumental styles, but a distinguishable theme binds them together. Ponder Rhythm works closely with two primary producers: Mr.Pia Classics and Arithmetik Musiq, but he is known to collaborate with a few others. From boom-bap to ethereal electronic production, a versatile approach is anchored by his defining signature. Ponder Rhythm’s endless word-play, intriguing philosophy, and avant-garde technique solidify a concrete contribution to the genre.

Currently, Ponder Rhythm resides in Shenzhen, China. His time is filled with recording music and playing shows in Asia. After nine-plus years performing underground, he has debuted his first official release, “If Pigs Could Fly” produced by Mr.Pia Classics. It is available on all major outlets and is accompanied by a vibrant visual filmed in ATL. As of 2019, Ponder Rhythm satisfies the interest of his listeners by dropping one or two singles a month; these songs are sure to keep your mind spinning and your head nodding.



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