Being Popular In Media vs. Why People Don’t Care

popularLet me break down popular “celebrity” life vs. why I don’t care. Most of you beg to go viral, you want that die for it. But when it gets to a certain point where now every stranger on social media is researching every move, picture, tweet, etc that you ever released via text or posted…you’re sick?

Yes, you expect us to sacrificed your soul to get that social media post to go viral. Now you’re in the spotlight. Every racist, thot, ignorant, stereotypical bullshit you posted looking for likes to go viral going back to 2009 is now haunting you. Every facebook live, every snap..IG post etc..your life is their life now.

You changed and now you’re an activist or you’re an army leader for your lord..please trust and believe twitter and facebook strangers do not care. Even your friends who know the old you will throw you under the bus for a quick check from TMZ.

I say this to come to a realization that being popular is trash. Some of the greatest billionaires we never heard of. Why? Because they are about their business. Are you working on a brand to promote your business or are you putting out some raunchy video that is going to give you a quick come up?

Do you want to be famous or successful? Building an idea and branding it and still staying behind the scenes can comfort you financially without anyone knowing who you are. Our society has come to a point of watching reality tv shows making many feel they would do that for a check. But honestly, how many of you who judge reality stars daily are willing to expose your actual life and LOVE life? Are you perfect?

I would say 10% of you can put on a show that is real love. The rest would either pretend for a check (while twitter dissects you apart retweeting every arrogant misogynistic tweet from the beginning of time..while the facebook goes through your memories).

We see situations daily from celebs who did the most to become famous and crying all over social media that they don’t want it. You invited the world into your life for a like.a repost..a retweet..(is regram a thing)? Either way you allowed it. Now you’re stuck with millions of people WORLDWIDE who don’t really know you judging your every move. People who have lives 90% worse than yours but have time to troll you and tell you you’re trash a million times a day to kill your life line.

My point is..popularity over success is trash. Learn the ropes on any industry you are in and learn how to be a ninja. You don’t need or need to stress about anyone that you have done work for as long as the check cashes.

We have all made mistakes in our lives that we’re not happy about..but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re geniuses in the work we do. Be known for creating a brand behind closed doors, than being the cover for the next drama/scandal bullshit on the blogs. Murder your branding carefully, but know you don’t need to be front and center to get your check.


Tis all..




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