Post Malone Asks Friends & Family for Mental Health Support

Grammy nominated Post Malone just can’t catch a break. After being nominated for Album of the Year (“Beerbongs & Bentleys) twitter did its best to drag him once again. But this time Malone decided enough was enough and let the world know he is trying his best and that his mental health is important.

Many artists worldwide reached out to Post Malone, along with fans sending loving supportive messages worldwide.

Social media has become a virus of trolls worldwide full of people who are just miserable and want to shit on everyone better than them. Many celebs have taken their lives due to the stress and anxiety of trying to please strangers.

For example rapper Cuppcakke tweeted about committing suicide last night as fans called the police and got her luckily to a hospital.

Moral of the story kids….you have no IDEA what some of these celebs go through daily. If something like their music isnt for you…just don’t listen to it and move on. Please leave people alone and mind your damn business.

And for those who need help:

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday


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