pre kai ro – “Glo Up” prod. Don Fuego | @prekairo

Over the past couple of years, Egypt’s own, pre kai ro has been cultivating his skills tirelessly. All of the hard work he has put in has culminated in this very moment. We are literally watching his “Glo Up” before our very eyes.

Since 2018 pre kair ro has been releasing music that has resulted in him gaining quite a buzz. Garnering attention from major platforms such as Complex Magazine have helped make the artist a name to look out for. Now in 2020, pre kai ro has delivered a hot new single to help take our mind somewhere else. At least for a moment.

The Don Fuego produced record titled, “Glo Up”, is a grand example of finding the silver lining in a bad situation. Looking back on a past relationship, pre kai ro is able to now understand that the breakup that hurt him the most was truly for the best. Throughout the 3-minute plus long song he continuously brings up the theme of using that heartbreak as fuel to work harder. Now reaping the benefits of that hard work the artist is in the position of being clamored over by the same people who is ex was wanting attention from.  In a moment of awakening the artist is aware that it has all come full circle. The concept and follow thru of the track with Don Fuego’s backdrop make it a record with tons of potential.

I for one am looking forward to hearing some more new music from the Egyptian singer/songwriter. I will be using this “Inside” time to check out his back catalogue as well. You should too.

Listen to “Glo Up” by pre Kai ro (prod. Don Fuego) via Spotify below:



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