Premiere: IOLITE Wants to Say “Thank You” | @IoliteMusic |

Alternative pop singer and songwriter, IOLITE, has released her latest hit single “Thank You” which blends subtle/reflective pop melodies with a down-tempo production that is punctuated by echoing synth lines. The track is a single that shines through the cracks within the clouds where IOLITE finds the courage to open up about her near death experience. The single expresses her true gratefulness for the love and light that surrounded her during a dark time in her life. She has one of the most breathtaking and profoundly soulful voices in music today; an expressive and emotive instrument that brings magic to her songs about vulnerability.


IOLITEIOLITE is the moniker of a rising 19 -year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Denver, Colorado. Influenced by the likes of Lorde/Halsey/Broods, IOLITE claims the darker spectrum of the pop genre, marrying haunting vocals with hooky pop melodies. “Almost 20”, her latest release is a 5 track EP stemming from her near death experience in November 2018, when she was kidnapped, held hostage, and shot while she escaped in Nashville, Tennessee. “Writing music was one of the ways I was able to process what happened, but this EP isn’t just about my kidnapping – it’s about so much more. The love I received afterwards from people was overwhelming. What was meant for evil, was turned into good because of the light and love that surrounded me. I was inspired by the community who gathered around me to live life bolder, and love others better. I dedicate these songs to the people who were the beacon of light for me. They are proof that the dark doesn’t win if you don’t let it.”



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